What the Magic Yard Ramp is

Magic Yard Ramp The Lantern Magic Yard Ramp is our own unique product aimed at solving problems associated with traditional container loading systems, particularly those using a hand operated pallet truck, or curtain sided trailers that have been loaded from the rear.

The design of the Magic Yard Ramp includes key aspects to improve the efficiency of your loading and unloading operations :-

  • Anything working with forklift trucks has to be tough and robust. The Lantern Magic Yard Ramp is sturdily constructed and weighs 3.5 tonnes.
  • Height adjustment from 1025 to 1725 mm is by way of inexpensive and reliable landing legs rather than hydraulic adjustment
  • The standard Lantern Magic Yard Ramp has a safe working load of 10 tonnes but we also supply many special yard ramps with greater lifting capacity and ramps with extended platforms. We can fit your exact needs.

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