What Magic Yard Ramps do for you

Magic Yard RampThe Lantern Magic Yard Ramp has been designed to provide unique benefits and added flexibility for your container loading and logistic operations.

The benefits of installing a Magic Yard Ramp are varied, and customers begin to capitalise on these with almost immediate effect :-

  • Unloads and loads standard ISO containers quickly, safely, efficiently.
  • Sorts out a container in a fraction of the time it takes with a pallet truck.
  • Promotes safer working practices (Bear in mind there are safety implications using a pallet truck inside a container)
  • You do not need an expensive dock loading system.
  • One operator, instead of many, now does the job.
  • Even those with dock loading systems find a mobile yard ramp gives added flexibility to their logistic operations.
  • Uses a mechanical lifting system which gives greater reliability over hydraulic systems, with much lower maintenance costs.

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