Introducing Magic Yard Ramps For Mobile Container
Loading From Lantern Engineering


Lantern Engineering Magic Yard Ramps - click for more picturesLantern Engineering is the home of the Lantern Magic Yard Ramp system for Container Loading by forklift truck. Our standard 10T, and heavy duty 15T, yard ramps are available to rent or for outright purchase. Rental rates for our yard ramps start from as little as £40/week.
Our unique product provides the ideal solution for container loading, eliminating handling and requiring only one forklift truck operator instead of many.

Features of the Magic Yard Ramp system for container loading by forklift include :-

  • Easy to use
  • Robust, the toughest yard ramps on the market
  • Sturdy construction and very long lasting
  • Flexible mobile operation
  • Virtually maintenance free. No expensive hydraulics to go wrong

Compared to yard ramps with unreliable hydraulic adjustment systems, Magic Yard Ramps provides the ideal, cost effective, flexible solution for container loading by forklift truck. They are easy to use and virtually maintenance free !

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