Baxhall - Impact Sockets And Railway Tooling

" Socket to ’em !! "

That’s what our M.D. told us to do, not very original but he’s right. We have been hiding our light under a bushel. The fact is our industrial grade impact sockets and special tools are probably the best available. Saving you downtime, production costs and giving safe, consistent tool performance, reduced costs and long life.

The quality of our impact sockets and special tools is second to none. They are engineered and manufactured in South Yorkshire, the home of steel, to the highest possible standards and more than meet our customers‘ demands and expectations.

Looking for a special size, or perhaps a bisquare or manganese bronze spark-proof socket ? You’ve come to the right place. We manufacture impact sockets to suit hexagon, bi-hex, square, bi-square, rectangular, octagonal, and pentagonal heads.

We have over 300 special items and 1,100 catalogue items in stock. Whatever you want there’s a good chance we have it. As an indication of the broad range of our products, we have supplied tooling to oil rigs, railways, mines (sparkproof), car manufacturing plants and several F1 Grand Prix teams.

Available Sizes range from a tiny 5mm to a massive 450mm (18 inches).

Our Quality Guarantee, Flexibility And Service mean any size of socket can be produced to specific requirements.

As major impact socket manufacturers and suppliers we welcome your enquiries for stock items or special designs. Please contact us or call Baxhall sales on 01709 861008