About Lantern Engineering

Superior Customer Service

Lantern Engineering is a compact company with plans for further expansion. In the quest to improve and grow, however, we have not forgotten that putting the customer first is our number one priority. That will always be the case however big we become.

As we have grown, great care has been taken to ensure that we avoid the trap of high overheads so common amongst companies as they increase in size.

Market research tells us that on many occasions our customers want a job doing which involves both machining and fabrication.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find companies which do both functions under one roof unless you go to one of the big concerns. Then, of course, you will be faced with high costs, long lead times and an inflexible approach.

Are you looking for fast and reliable delivery of quality engineered products? Look no further.

The investment in the best machines and a Quality system gives us the edge in the highly competitive market of production engineering and assures you, the customer, a quality product. The quality system also ensures that production schedules are maintained resulting in on-time deliveries.