About Lantern Engineering

Quality with Flexibility

We are a company backed by many years' experience and expertise in all types of industry with a comprehensive range of high quality impact socket tools from ¼" square drive to 3½" square drive. Hexagons and squares up to 12" are also available, as well as a full range of hexagon bit drives for Allen screws. We also supply Special Fasteners and Turned Components in any material.

Our impact sockets are made to ISO and DIN standards of fit which ensures long life and does least damage to nut and bolt heads. We use only high grade alloy steels in the manufacture of this range of products. We guarantee all sockets against breakage. Our excellent delivery service and technical backup means you can be confident of our tools. British engineered at our plant in South Yorkshire, England, to exacting quality standards for which Sheffield is world renowned.

As our whole manufacturing process is based on flexibility we can offer special or standard sockets on very short delivery times where necessary. Special hand as well as impact sockets supplied.